Hey, Yah You……You’re Being Followed!



Were it any other day, I probably wouldn’t have come to a place like this. But, today….today for some cosmic reason, I sought it out. It was as if God himself, brought me here. As if, all of the planets in the universe aligned, and I was pulled, as if by some gravitational force, deep within.

I would never be so bold as to think that I could stand out in a crowd like this, or, any for that matter. So, I wait for a moment, scanning faces, catching tidbits of conversations as they flash past me. Thought provoking, intellectual, funny, sad. They’re oppressive, but, more so, they’re freeing, mind numbing, inspirational.

My heart races, my palms sweat, my stomach drops, my nerves are shot……I’m a wreck!

Do I care if anyone notices me, or, do I take my newfound membership, and run? Never to use it again. Until, with time, my pass to the world fades from memory, lost, forgotten. Or, do I remain, as a Wallflower, in the shadow, on the sideline, just waiting for someone, anyone, to notice my presence.

I’ve decided to stay, that I don’t care, that here, there is a place for everyone, I’ll find my niche, and leave my mark. I’ll take this one day at a time, and, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find my voice, and contribute to the conversation.

I feel as though I’m being swallowed alive in a sea of people. Seemingly, the entire Earth’s population, has converged into this one place. I’m a small fish, in a very, very large pond.

So, what are the odds, that the very first time I would enter this new, and foreign place, I would find you? How could one person be so lucky? A mere One, among the masses. Standing out from the crowd, there you were. How fortuitous.

I find myself reading of your thoughts, taking them all in. I love the way your mouth forms those sweet, sweet, words, and I want more of you. You, with your quick wit, and, uncanny ability to deliver the perfect punch line. You make me laugh. You, with stories of your past, stories of your present, and, dreams of your future. You tell my life with your words. You, with your pain, your suffering, your surviving. You make me cry, and want to reach out, to help. You, with your worldly insights, your experiences, your journeys. You make me want more out of life. You, with your thought provoking arguments. You’ve made me angry, and reconsider.

Have you noticed me, that I’m here, following you? Does it excite you to know that you have an admirer? As, I’m sure that you have many. Will I ever catch your eye, as you have mine? Do you not know that you need me too? One chance, that’s all I ask…..because, I need you.

You inspire me….To write beautiful lines of poetry, and verse. To find the beauty, in that which isn’t. To follow my dreams, and make them a reality. To change the world, one thought, one action, one person, at a time. To heal, to grow, to give. On so many levels, I’ve changed.

I feel as though I’m obsessing, obsessing over every facet of you. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to give, to find out everything that I want to know. Learn everything that I want to learn. See everything that I want to see.

It’s as though I’ve entered a Fantasy Land, Willy Wonka‘s Chocolate Factory. A place where time, nor space exist, and, all things are possible, with just a little imagination. So, I pinch myself.

And, as quickly as you entered my life, you were gone. As if, with one click of the mouse.

What do I do now? What, who will inspire me? You left me with nothing more than words of encouragement, but, I have no voice without you. It’s as though I’ve been stripped of all reality. So, I’ll wait…..with baited breath, I’ll wait. Knowing , that in time, you’ll return to this place, where first I found you.

Do you want me to stay?

….…to follow you another day………


Yo....Are you talkin' to me??

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