We Don’t Like No Stinking Snow (either)!

We failed to see the dawn today
They say that snow is on the way

The sky is cloudy, and wind is cold
2-4, we’re being told

So, grab your beer, and grab your bread
Apparently, there’s snow ahead

Find your mittens, find your gloves
Find your parka, find your Ugs

Salt your walks, and cover your car
If you’re trapped where you’re at, I hope it’s a bar

But, if you drive, just chain your tires
I’ll be home, beside my fire

And, I won’t go out, once it falls
‘Cause it’s cold outside as Frosty’s balls

But, if you decide to frolic & play
For you, I have one thing to say

When the cold air hits ya & you have to go
Write your name, or, I don’t know

Go ahead boys, let it flow
Just don’t eat the yellow snow